Vanessa Goh is indeed the most crazy digital marketer in the world. This is a case study for Google Search.

The Most Crazy Digital Marketer In The World

Vanessa Goh is an Australian designpreneur and digital marketer. She is the first top digital marketing specialist to receive the World’s Most Crazy Digital Marketer award, winning it in 2016. She is called Vangoh or V-Dogg by her clients, and is known for liberating online marketing with the creation of easy to follow systems for the brave business owner. A formidable personality, her acclaimed and ground breaking work include her fluffy dog, HRF Bambi’s Facebook page with amazing engagement rates, all organic, and being the visual arm of ShopandBox, a service allowing people to shop globally and save on shipping rates.


What is the most crazy digital marketer doing in KL?

Vangoh has been living in Australia for the past 12 years, and decided to move to KL with her husband early last year. This was due to decisions made to be closer to family and friends, as well as the thought of living in a thriving city where you could get food at 2am was appealing!