Breathing fresh life into growing brands

At Vangoh Creative, we help you transform their brand into one that represents what your business stands for, today.

We’ll help you distill the values and aspirations you first crafted your brand with. And repackage it to bring it up to date, reflecting your current growth, clients, and markets you serve. Finally, we’ll put it all together in a distinct brand identity, complete with ready-to-use templates that save time and help enforce the consistency needed to build a strong brand.

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Is it time for a rebrand?

Perhaps you created your logo from scratch (or asked a friend to help) in Powerpoint years ago, when your business just got off the ground. And you’ve come a long way since then. Your business has grown, your team is bigger, and new clients keep coming on board.

There’s just one challenge – as you try to keep up with the pace of growth, your brand is all over the place. Letterheads, documents, slide decks, and brochures look like they’ve been put together by different people (because they probably were). You struggle with trying to make everything consistent, but you’re too busy, there’s always bigger client priorities, and more simply – you feel you’re just not ‘creative’ enough.

If that sounds like you – you’re not alone! We’ve worked with many clients who struggled with these same challenges. And we’d love to work with you to help you go from Powerpoint logo to a sophisticated brand that speaks to your customers.

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Some of the things we’re pretty great at helping clients with

We’ll go through a discovery process with you to help you rediscover the things about your brand that allowed your business to grow into what it is today. This rebranding doesn’t only cover a logo redesign, but an entire visual identity including a system of visual assets, a color palette, and all the file versions you need for digital or print marketing.
We help you implement your new branding into all your existing templates, refreshing all of them and setting them up so they are ready to go when you next need them. We do all the heavy lifting to keep things simple for you and your team.
We can help to support your in-house team in maintaining your brand new identity system. We can create new templates or marketing materials in line with your new branding, or help you come up with fresh campaign ideas that complement the brand.

How the Process Works

Brand discovery exercise
Research and strategy

Speak with us about your needs as part of a quick branding exercise to understand how you want your brand to be perceived

We’ll explore ways to help you rebrand and articulate your message and identity more clearly, presenting three stylescapes for you to consider
Once we have agreed on the direction (including rounds of revisions), we’ll start finalizing the brand identity and assets, including guidelines on using them
Next, we’ll translate your new brand identity into all your collaterals, formats, and templates needed – and train you and your team on how to easily edit them

Finally, if you’d like additional help keeping your new brand on track, in this optional phase, we agree on a set amount of hours for us to support the design and development of new collateral on an ongoing basis


Case Studies

Client for: 7 years

Creating and maintaining a consistent marketing system for all agents and internal design support for collaterals and online.

Client for: 3 years

Investor pitch, internal documents, UXUI for their URBN app, flyers, you name it, we’ve done it!

Client for: 3 years

Taking tasty photos and visual content for 3 years, coming up with creative concepts each month to try.