Curtin Graduate Fashion Show 2014

Vangoh Shoes had sponsored most of the shoes for Zenith, this years Curtin Fashion Graduate show, so we were excited to see how they would match with the collections the students have. As it was mainly organized through our business manager, I had no clue how it was going to look like, and boy was I surprised! In a good way, of course. The collections were interesting, most have an oriental touch to them and quite wearable, I wished I could get some of the pieces myself. Compared to what I’ve seen at the same graduate fashion show seven years ago, the quality of the designs and materials are certainly a lot better. Of course, our shoes looked amazing on the models and I felt they have matched it really well.

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Raj Takkar, Vanessa Goh (me) and Karen Cheng, our favourite Perth lifestyle blogger! It’s always great to come to these events as they are the only time we can catch up and chat with our friends in the fashion industry.


Siqi, Raj Takkar, Kiki Holmes and Naomi Campbell


(from left) Julka Moroz, Raj Takkar, Vanessa Goh (me), Naomi Campbell, Siqi, and Kiki Holmes

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