A minute with Elise Nazarri

Had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Elise Nazarri, one of our Vangoh muses. We’ve been introduced by a friend and met through Facebook. She’s everything a Vangoh woman should be: beautiful from the inside and out, has her head on her shoulders, ready to take on the world (at such a young age too)!

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in the Pilbara town of Karratha up until high school when my family relocated to Busselton to be closer to my family and better education opportunities.

When you were growing up what was your dream job?
I wanted to be a doctor for a long time which actually lead me to leave school at 16 and complete my training to be a nurse. Being a student nurse working in a hospital at that age was very tough and I found myself being treated as incompetent despite my abilities a lot of the time because of my age. I think this is what changed my mind about pursuing medicine, although I still hold in to my passion for helping people and also really enjoyed the health promotion side of nursing. After starting uni and working my dream job is now to work in Social Impact Management and Community Relations.

What are you up to lately?
I am an extremely busy body haha! I have struggled with depression for 6 years now, so keeping busy, motivated and inspired in everything I do really helps me to stay positive happy and healthy. I study Sociology and Anthropology at Curtin University, I work part time in Marketing and Community relations, as well as having my creative outlet through Modelling and more recently acting. I am competing in the Miss Galaxy Australia 2015 state finals in January so a lot of my time is dedicated to training at he gym and preparing meals, as well as organising charity fundraising for Make A Wish Australia.

I also like to set time aside to hang out with the awesome people in my life and will be taking a 10 day holiday to Bali and Nusa Lembongan in December!

Tell us about your shoe obsession?
I think my show obsession came from my mum (she has two wardrobes full of shoes). I think I owned my first pair of dress up heels at the age of 3 as a result – I was often allowed to dress myself when my parent took me out, usually as a princess, when I was little. I like to think of shoes as a statement piece and am really loving the bright pops of colour in the latest Vangoh Shoes Collection – it is amazing how fun it can be to build an outfit starting from your shoes!

You can follow Elise on Instagram at @elisenazzari
Shoes: Vangoh Shoes
Top and skirt: Lexi and Roy

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